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A North Fork outdoor space we recently designed and installed

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces on the North Fork

We create high-end outdoor rooms that are as smart as they are beautiful.

Custom Lighting of Suffolk and our sister company North Fork Smart helps North Fork homeowners create some of the most elegant, stunning, and fully-automated outdoor spaces on the North Fork.

We can help you plan, design and create your outdoor space based on your lifestyle and wish list. We can also work seamlessly with your architect to make your dream space a reality.

Below are some of the things we typically plan and install while transforming an outdoor space. All can be easily controlled by voice or by an app on your mobile device using our future-proof, intuitive, Lutron smart-home systems that also can control your existing smart devices, regardless of the brand.


Outdoor lighting
Based on your lifestyle and wish list, we can recommend the right combination of high-quality fixtures (we highly recommend Cast Lighting products) that work together to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. This typically employs the use of spotlights, flood lights, up/downlights, step lights, garden lights, bollard lights, and string lights in styles that compliment the style and design of your home. All are fully automated with our Lutron smart home system products and software that can be easily controlled by voice or mobile device.

Extend your WIFI

Often your WIFI network isn't set up to reach outside areas. We have a variety of products and technology that will provide you with fast Internet no matter where you are in and outside your home.

Outdoor TV's

NOFO Smart, our sister company, can source and install the perfect TV for your particular outdoor space. Or, we can install a TV you supply. We can hide them just about anywhere and you can make them appear with a simple voice command or the press of a button.


We make our recommendations based on where you'd like your TV installed, taking into consideration factors such as the dampness of the location, any potential glare from surrounding areas, brightness of the space, and how much sunlight the area will be subjected to.

Outdoor speakers

We design and install many high-end outdoor sound systems that even the most discerning audiophiles would love. They're fully compatible with Sonos, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music, and just about any other system you're likely to be using already.


Our sound systems are weatherproof and have easy-to-use, fully-adjustable, automated settings that can go from soft ambient background music to a rowdy party sound level with a simple voice command or press of a button from a wireless device.

Outdoor bars and kitchens

Whatever your outdoor bar and kitchen needs, we can get the job done safely, quickly, and professionally, providing power to refrigerators and other electrical appliances as well as installing lighting and GFI power outlets wherever you need them.


We're very comfortable working closely with architects, designers, and contractors and have great working relationships with the best out here on the North Fork and Shelter Island. 

Automated pool and spa controls

Before you put that pool in, give us a call and we can work with your pool company to ensure we install a safe, state-of-the-art pool system. We also do a lot of retrofitting with existing pools.


Our smart systems make it easy to maintain a crystal-clear pool, automatically controlling just about everything including the filters, water monitoring and balancing systems, chlorine generation systems, pool ionizers, heaters, as well as lighting in and around the pool. We are experienced wiring and installing all major systems including Jandy, Pentair, and Hayward. 

Automated irrigation controls

Our automated systems can monitor and automatically control your irrigation system so your various zones get just the right amount of water at the right time for a healthy landscape.


Automated awnings/shades
Similarly, we can help install and add automation to your outside awnings and shades so they extend and retract based on your presence, the position of the sun, temperature, and precipitation. All from the same, easy-to-use app or using a simple voice command.

Surge protectors
As we explain here, since almost everything electronic now has a circuit board in it, we can install a whole-house surge protector that will protect everything connected to power, inside and out.

Outlets and panel upgrades

Sometimes you just want a few more outlets outside and we're happy to do that, too. If you find that your electrical panel can't handle the extra power requirements, we can easily upgrade it to supply more than enough electricity to power your new space.

Backup generators

With all the outages we experience on the North Fork due to its 1940's-era power grid, we also install lots of generators that will quietly turn on in the case of an outage so you can keep the party going.

Interested in hearing more about how we can transform your outdoor space? Contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your upcoming project.

Transform your outdoor space

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