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$100 CLOS Gift Cards for $75

Use them for 100's of products and installations you can really use. The value never expires but this offer does, so contact us to get yours now. 

Generators • Whole-home surge protectors • Panel Upgrades • Indoor lighting • Outdoor lighting • Smart homes • Light switches • Wiring • Additional electrical outlets • More

(offer only good for residential customers)

You know all those items on your home's (and your spouse's) wish list that involve electricity? The lights you want to add outside? The panel upgrade that'll stop those circuit breakers from tripping? Those additional outlets and light switches that would be a huge convenience?

Not to mention the backup generator and surge protectors that are almost necessities out here on the North Fork?

If any of these are in your future, now's the time to save big by buying gift cards that are on sale now. Every $100 gift card will cost you just $75 and never expire. Get them at a discount now and use them whenever you want.

They make a great gift for your home, a family member who is particularly in need of a master electrician's services, or just for you.

Hurry, this offer is only available until December 24th, 2022.

Contact us for more information and start taking care of all those things that you need in and around the house.

Our gift cards are good for all sorts of products and services you need including:

Smart Home Products
As we explain here, Loutron smart home solutions can connect up to 10,000 devices at once. See below to see a solution for any budget.


Almost a neccessity on the North Fork, a hard-working 20 kW KOHLER® generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.


Outdoor Lighting
Beautify your home, increase the time yuou can enjoy the outdoors, and increase security by adding lighting.


Whole Home Surge Protective Devices
As we detail here, practically every electrical device in your home has now become susceptible to being destroyed by a power surge.

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