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Read a North Fork electrician's ledger from the 1950's

Custom Lighting of Suffolk was founded in 2001, but owner Ben Doroski's family has been electricians for generations. The above 1950's ledger of Ben's grandfather was recently discovered and it's an interesting snapshot of the North Fork in the 50's. It contains records of each project including customer name, description of the project, hours worked, items used, and a cost breakdown. Back then, 6 hours of labor cost a total of $13.50 . That an hourly rate of $2.25 ($28.30 in today's dollars).

One entry details the installation of a clock in the rectory of St. Agnes Church in Greenport. The total charge was $4.39 including labor and 22' of electrical wire. 

Founded in 2001, Custom Lighting of Suffolk (CLOS) is owned and operated by Master Electrician Benjamin Doroski. Master electricians oversee electrician apprentices and journeymen electricians and take on big-picture tasks such as designing electrical plans, going over blueprints, and coordinating projects among their teams.

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