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Our Nighttime Experience Demo will help you visualize how your outdoor lighting will actually look before it's installed

The Nighttime Experience Demo by Custom Lighting of Suffolk (CLOS) is the perfect way to visualize how outdoor lighting can transform your landscape. Our team of experts will set up temporary lighting fixtures for a weekend, without burying wires, so that you can see how the lighting will look in your actual space.

Our Nighttime Experience Demo service is available in two formats--a Starter Package and an A-la-Carte Package. With each package, there's a small fee that, if you decide to move forward with the installation, can later be applied toward the cost of the installation.

Customers find that being able to see exactly what their outdoor space lighting will look like at night before the wires are buried is a big plus. It ensures that their final installation will look like what they envisioned before committing to the entire project. It also allows the opportunity for any desired fine tuning.


The Starter Package includes 3 path lights, 3 up-lights, and 1 transformer for a cost of $550, again, all of which will be credited to the cost of the installation.


Alternatively, with our A-la-Carte format, customers can describe their vision for the lighting project and CLOS will provide a quote for the project. The cost for a mock setup will be no more than 10% of the overall cost. If the customer decides to go through with the project, the mock set up cost will be credited towards the final installation cost.

Here are some benefits of the Nighttime Experience Demo service:

  • Visualize your lighting design: Our temporary setup allows you to see how your lighting design will look in your space, giving you a chance to make any necessary changes before committing to a permanent installation.

  • Test different lighting options: You can test different lighting options and make adjustments to your design to see what works best for you.

  • Enjoy your space at night: With our temporary lighting setup, you can enjoy your outdoor space at night, creating a beautiful ambiance that enhances your home and landscape.

  • Cost-effective: Our service is a cost-effective way to try out different lighting designs and options. The cost for the mock set up will be credited towards the final installation cost, making it a smart investment for your outdoor space.

Overall, the Nighttime Experience Demo by Custom Lighting of Suffolk is the perfect way to bring your outdoor space to life with beautiful lighting that complements your home and landscape. Contact us today to schedule your Night-time Experience Demo and start enjoying the benefits of outdoor lighting!

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