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Our exclusive Nighttime Experience Demo temporarily sets up lighting on your property before you hire us.

Want to see what your outdoor lighting would look like installed in your own space before you commit? With our Nighttime Experience Demo service, our lighting professionals will temporarily set up your lighting for the weekend--without burying any wires. 

Our exclusive Nighttime Experience Demo is the only way to actually see how adding outdoor lighting to your property would transform your landscape. Our team of experienced outdoor lighting experts will set up temporary lighting fixtures for a weekend--without burying the wires--so that you can experience how the lighting would look in your actual space.


Contact us to get more information and request a date.

Our service is available in two formats--a Starter Package and an A-La-Carte Package. With each package, there's a small service fee. If you decide to move forward with the installation, the amount would be credited toward the cost of the installation.

You'll find it invaluable to be able to see exactly what your outdoor lighting would look like at night before any wires are buried. It's a low-risk way to ensure that your outdoor lighting will look like what you envisioned before committing to the project. It also allows you the opportunity to do any desired fine tuning after living with your lighting for a weekend.


Starter Package

The Starter Package typically includes 3 path lights, 3 up-lights, and 1 transformer.


A-La-Carte Package

With our A-La-Carte Package, you can describe your vision for the lighting project and CLOS will provide suggestions and a quote for the project. We'll then create a temporary setup and let you live with the lighting for a weekend. It'll help minimize any risk and ensure you'll love your new outdoor lighting.


With both packages, if you decide to move forward with the project, the small service fee will be credited towards the final installation cost.

It's just one more way we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy. 

Here are some benefits of the Nighttime Experience Demo service:

  • Visualize your lighting design
    Our temporary setup allows you to see how your lighting design will look in your space, giving you a chance to make any necessary changes before committing to a permanent installation.

  • Test different lighting options
    You can test different lighting options and make adjustments to your design to see what works best for you.

  • Enjoy your space at night
    With our temporary lighting setup, you can enjoy your outdoor space at night for the weekend, creating a beautiful ambiance that enhances your home and landscape.

  • Low risk and cost effective
    Our service is a cost-effective and low-risk way to try out different lighting designs and options. The cost for the mock set up will be credited towards the final installation cost, making it a smart investment for your outdoor space.

Fill out the form on this page to request the weekend that's best for your Nighttime Experience Demo. We'll contact you to answer any questions and help you take the first step to enjoying the benefits of outdoor lighting.


And if you're planning on spending more time outside, get our free guide to perfect outdoor spaces.

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